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We are a retail company, the leading homeware experts in Albania with the largest stores in the whole country. We pick the best products with the right price for you. This is what makes us different from the others. Founded in 1998, initially in Vlora Southern Albania, while now the company is headquartered in Tirana.

Arteg’s vertical integrated business model is ideally suited for delivering product volumes while providing ready access to most of the needed kitchen vessels or utensils. While our business has grown over the years, the important things have stayed the same.

The place where love resides and memories are created, where it all started and which inspire us to
…thinking home!

We started here

This is where it all began, our first store in Vlora Southern Albania. Till then our products have reached every Albanian house introducing quality and a very wide range.

Retail is Detail

Behind every product is a story and that story starts with you. Our products are distributed through a network of stores which are located in prime locations.

From Vlora to

It the place which has and continues to inspire us. Overlooking the Vlora, we are here and almost all over Albania. We are courageous and enthusiastic for working every day to bring the best for you.

Home of your Home

As #1 in Albania for kitchenware we offer a wide range of products, which quality is guaranteed by the most popular European brands that will meet your kitchen requirements. The best resume to a product is definitely on the kitchen, heart of your home.

Learned by our own

With over 20 years of experience, we have learned the value of customer service. Knowing our products has allowed us to provide the best personal advice for customers on kitchenware.

The story continues
Online Store

In 2021, Arteg lunched arteg.al an online shopping marketplace where you can buy Arteg’s products wherever you are. Our collaboration aims to extend beyond the Albanian borders.

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To make home the story that matters

Each company has a history that makes it unique, which should be compelling and inspiring. Story, stories, storytelling-pick your version of this new marketing buzzword. But to us it’s more than just a word, it’s a strategic approach that we embraced long before it became industry jargon. We know that the right story could make an undeniable impact and this story begins with you.

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More than a company

We care about our customers, our people, our country and work with a willingness and spirit of openness throughout our business. This is reflected in the high standards in which we communicate our everyday premium position. We care enough to deliver quality experience consistently, wherever customers engage with us.

Since 1998
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